bucketlist for pensioneers
Retirement is an opportunity to reinvigorate yourself and spend your days doing the activities that you enjoy most. Maybe that’s perfecting your golf swing, traveling the world or spending time with family.

The best part of retirement is setting your schedule and having the feedom to explore and pursue your passions and hobbies. After spending the majority of your life at work, you might not know what to do with all of this new free time. If you’re looking for a few ideas, here are a few of our tops picks of things to do during your golden years

This helps to give you a sense of purpose and a reason to get up every morning. It is never too late to start a bucket list, but the rlier you start one the better.

Studies have shown that less than 40% of people retire when they planned to. I have found, time and time again, that the people who had a bucket list of a variety of interests while they were still working, transitioned into retirement more smoothly than those who d0n’t have one.

I have met people at my presentations who said they have to keep working because they didn’t have enough money to retire yet. When asked what they wanted to use their money for, often they had no
plans for what to do in their retirement, except perhaps ‘play golf’ or ‘go fishing’ every day. And what if the weather is bad, what will you do then?

Men in particular, can lose their sense of identity and self-worth when they retire from full-time work, so developing a bucket list long the way, can ease this perception and give meaning to this new stage of life.
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over the years, to share with others by joining groups, volunteering, developing hobbies, etc. Even if you have already been retired for a few years or more, it is never too late to start new activities and meet new people. So good for your health and well-being.

The Ultimate Retirement Bucket List

When we reach retirement, it can feel more important than ever to get those remaining items ticked off our bucket lists while we’re healthy and able to! Our retirement years are a fantastic opportunity to fulfill those
dreams we’ve held for many years, but until now, perhaps haven’t had the time or sufficient finances to bring to fruition.

You may not have an official retirement bucket list written down – most of us probably don’t – but you may have a few places in mind that you’d still love to visit, experiences you haven’t had yet, and ambitions you would like to say that you’ve achieved.

Writing down your bucket list is a great way to put down on paper your hopes and dreams for your retirement years; it can really tivate you to make those things happen when you can see them in black and white.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve got a whole host of ideas for your ultimate retirement bucket list. Have a read through some of these ideas, combine them with your own, and discover what adventures are awaiting you! Tip: Once you’ve made your ultimate retirement bucket list, try placing it somewhere you’ll see it every day so you are inspired to make things happen!

1. Go on a Caribbean cruise
2. See the Northern Lights
3. Spend more time with the grandchildren
4. Rescue a shelter dog or cat
5. Enter a sporting event for charity

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