Most new retirees these days have a fairly good grasp on technology however some of the older ones do not so lets start off by assuming you have little knowledge.


In an aim to keep control of our finances let’s have a look at what we need.

Most retirees need to make calls, emails, talk to grand kids, mobile banking, maybe some Facebook. With unlimited calls and text on most plans the only other thing to consider is the data. Because you will probably be home a lot of the time you can access the internet on your NBN or internet plan.

So if you do not have Internet at home you may need more data.

The last choice is your phone.

I personally like to buy my phone outright and buy a prepaid plan. I bought a Huawei Nova which is a great phone and you can pick up a Nove 2 Lite for a couple of hundred dollars then just add a pre paid plan..

Just do your research looking for storage, speed and screen size.

You can get a great quality phone for all the above for around $300. If you want an Iphone then there are lots of places who deal in refurbished ones.

A prepaid plan on Amaysim, TPG, Coles or Woolworth you can get 3 to 10 gig data, unlimited calls and text in Australia for 10 to 20 dollars. These are usually 45 days, saving you two months a year.

Most of these are on the Optus network however Belong is on the Telstra network. You can find some good deals on Vodaphone as well. Always do some research as they all change.

Two year plans and phones on contract can be quite expensive because they charge every 28 days.

Home Internet – with the govt bringing out NBN nationwide the plan choices are pretty limited. The only way to cut costs here is to share with someone else. If you’re really hard up there are now plenty of free internet stops like libraries, large retail and food chains.


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