Secret #39 Create A Digital Magazine

As you have seen in previous chapters I want to help you enjoy and learn new things in your retirement. As an online businessman in my previous life I created a lot of products and then taught people how to do the same.

One of these was digital magazines and if you go to our webpage you can download some examples.

These were all viewable on any device because we limited the layout to a couple of columns and designed for mobile which then looked ok on bigger devices.

How We Made Them

We made these for our self and our customers quite simply. There was a lot of programs around which were quite expensive however I simply used PowerPoint or similar software as you can drag and drop stuff really easily and then produce as a PDF

This is the course I designed and happy to give you free access to or a small donation.

Precilla Green “ I did your Digital magazine course over a year ago

and now have a Internationally read magazine online.”

Thanks to your wonderful information I now have an internationally read magazine with writers contributing to from all over the globe. It’s a great  vehicle to promote my business and lifestyle brand and ethics.”

“Your information was incredibly helpful. Much of how our magazine

works is based upon your course. These days we are now contacted by some of the world’s leading brands and products, desperate to be in our magazine such as LG, Pandora Jewellery, Timothy Oulton and even Baz Lurhmans people. Keep up the great work.”

Lily has now moved into a whole range of activities with her success.

Prescilla Green, LILY Magazine

Before I retired I was a website designer and developer and created digital magazines and products to support my business. If you have a hobbie or interest it is simple to make these type of magazines and build a readership. Get a bunch of subscribers then gather some income through advertising.

Here are some of the better ones you can download for free.

QR Codes Magazine

Part of my business was developing QR Codes and I still do a little. This was the magazine I developed for my potential customers. Read on all devices. A PDF Document Answering many of the QR Code questions suitable for tablets and Computers. Can read on phone and tablet.  Download 1.9 MB

Cyber Security

We did quite a lot of training in basic Cyber Security and this was our magazine style introduction. A lot of it is still relevant today so be sure to download for free. Read on all devices

Crowd Funding

This was another magazine we developed to help people understand the nature of Crowd Funding. A little out of date now but still good info


Our Digital Training Catalogue.

digital Products


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