Secret #4 Conferences and Meetings


Conferences and Meetings

I put this chapter in because just because we are getting old does not mean we shouldn’t stay sharp. It may not be for everyone but I love going to lectures, meetings etc to learn new things and develop new thinking.

A few weeks ago I went to a conference called Change The World which was basically an introduction to help non-profits use social media etc for growing their organization.

As I have mentioned before I do charity work and so anything I can learn and implement is a bonus. One of the projects is a children’s home in Thailand and I am continually looking for ways to help them hence one reason for this book.


As I do a lot of charity work I thought it would be great to go along and see what they were presenting. It was free so made for an entertaining day.

All the speakers were great and picked up some good tips however after the lunch break we had a gentleman by the name of Duncan Wardle.

Drawing on his past 30 years experience as Vice President of Innovation & Creativity at the world’s most creative organization, the Walt Disney Company, Duncan Wardle offers his entertaining and illuminating insights to audiences around the world. 

Watch just one of his videos and you could see a change in how you think. I did.

One question that really got me thinking was he asked where do you get your greatest ideas. The answers came back in a flury. Toilet, in bed, jogging, driving. His next comment really got me. No one said at work!

So attending conferences and meetings can be a great source of information and encouragement. Here three weeks later Duncan is still changing my life with his wisdom.


Meetup is a social networking site that allows you to find and join groups related to your own personal interests. However, instead of just talking about these interests online, Meetup is used to organize offline and in-person meetings in your area.

The real beauty with meetup is you can join a specific meetup or start your own group.

Within the hundreds of thousands of groups on Meetup, you’ll find unique communities across the globe connecting around an endless range of topics and passions. The best part is: there’s always room for you to create the community you envision.

All Meetup groups have three things in common:

  1. They are community-focused
  2. They are local
  3. They meet in real life

While the connections begin online, the real memories are made at Meetups. Meetups are real-life gatherings where members and organizers get together to connect, discuss, and practice activities related to their shared interests.

Now you’re wondering how to get in on the action. Look no further than our Find page. There, you’ll find groups and Meetups based on your location and interests. Join one, join ten. Join as many as you want. Your social calendar will thank you.


Local councils, Seniors organizations etc also put on various meetings and gatherings. Even shopping centres and other commercial venues are doing this now.


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