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Not all retirees retire with super and assets.

Recent press releases highlighting the travels of retiree house sitters are showing that becoming a senior is not a ticket to boredom, or a sedentary lifestyle. Retirees from around the world are finding house sitting to be the key that opens the door to unique, authentic and free travel to destinations that they had once only dreamed about.

Unfortunately, many retirees do not have the liberty of spending their retirement egg on pleasure items or excursions, such as traveling.

Many individuals and couples who live on a fixed income have found at their funds usually only cover the basics of living. After a lifetime of raising families, running businesses and being everything to everyone, retirees are finding there is a way to travel and experience the world on their terms.

House sitting sites is allowing them to connect with home owners who are in need of house sitters. In exchange for a valuable service,retirees are able to enter into new worlds, that would otherwise be
closed to them.

Professional house-sitting agencies connect owners and sitters through their websites – in fact, the whole process is a lot like online dating! CHOICE looks at what’s involved, how much it costs and how to minimise the risks for both parties.

In the book I provide links and more detailed information.

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