Australia’s leading digital broker, CommSec, has launched a new innovative simple investing smartphone app, CommSec Pocket.

Currently just 4 per cent of Australian adults place a trade online in the sharemarket each year. Many more would like to, but feel the barriers to getting started are too high. CommSec Pocket aims to break down these barriers and empower savers to take the next step with their money and start investing.

To achieve this, CommSec Pocket brings two Australian firsts to market:

  • Enabling Australians to start investing directly in the sharemarket via Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) with as little as $50, compared to the minimum first investment of $500 for most listed securities; and,
  • Offering automated regular investing, which allows Australians to time their investing to their savings or salary cycle.

CommSec Pocket makes investing decisions smaller and easier by offering seven investment options that cover local and global industries and regions. These investments are ETFs, which diversify risk, are cost-effective and enable Aussies to invest in what appeals to them. The ETFs available to customers are:

  • Aussie Top 200 – The largest 200 companies in Australia
  • Global 100 – 100 global blue-chips
  • Emerging Markets – Top companies in China, Taiwan, Korea and more
  • Aussie Dividends – Large Aussie companies that consistently pay above-average dividends
  • Tech Savvy – Top 100 tech and non-financial NASDAQ companies
  • Sustainability Leaders – Global climate change leaders with no ‘unethical’ activity or investments
  • Health Wise – Global healthcare, biotech, medical and pharmaceutical companies


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