The Secrets of Successful Retirement in Australia

retirement in Australia

There is a lot of information about retirement in Australia however most of it is produced by the financial institutuions and superanuation funds so I decided to write a book about the rest.

So you are about to retire or you have already retired and looking for some information. Here in Ausrtralia we are very fortunate to have lots of resources for the older generation from grass roots right up to Government funded ones.

In the FREE ebook (or read online) on all you need to know about retirement in Australia I cover things like various small business suggestions, volunteering, local council and state government help sites and so much more.

The number one secret to retirement in Australia is to get involved with some projects and meet new friends. I interviewed a number of cashed up retirees and some not so wealthy ones and after a certain amount of time the same things applied. Without a good support network and an interest in life it can get boring and intimidating.

The other thing is heath and there are quite a lot of free health clinics that will help you with diet and exercising. This does not have to be costly and with a little planning you can still have your treats and eating out experiences.

Have a read of the book online on computer, tablet or phone or download the PDF version and let me know what you think. 

Click here to read Retirement in Australia online

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Quentin Brown

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